Attitude S.F.
Attitude both old and new...Attitude was around from 1986-1989. Recordings included Kein Schlaf bis Deutschland, The Good the Bad, the Obnoxious, Drive By Shooting (all EPs) and the Hard Times Demo which was the pre-cursor to the Two Bit Thief - Another Sad Story album recorded in 1990 with the same members and different name.Members:Andy Andersen - VocalsChris Scaparro - GuitarsRick Strahl - BassEric Brect - Drums(Keith Chatham - Guitar)(Paul Birnbaum - Drums)And a shitload of different drummers that instantly combusted ...

  • attitude - homeless crew
    Homeless Crew - Classic, heavy and super fast Attitude Hardcore. This is probably the trademark Attitude song from the Kein Schlaf Ep.

  • attitude - factoryman
    Factory Man - Late Attitude from the very rare Factory Man single. This song is much slower and grunge in a pre-grunge age (1988)...

  • attitude - save thy brother
    Save Thy Brother -Guitar oriented uptempo song from Kein Schlaf Ep.

  • attitude - warhead
    Warhead - Cover of the punk classic by the UK Subs from the the Good, The Bad, The Obnoxious Ep.

  • attitude - practicing for war
    Practicing for War - Cool tribal beats for this punk anthem from Kein Schlaf Ep.

  • attitude - third world child
    Third World Child -Another full on song that carried over from the Attitude Adjustment days from the Kein Schlaf Ep.

  • attitude - whenworldscollide
    When Worlds Collide - A heavy more metal oriented tune. Original Condemned song that Keith carried into Attitude from the Kein Schlaf Ep.

  • attitude - no tv sketch
    No TV Sketch -Classic cover of this awesome Discharge song from the old days from the Good, The Bad Ep.

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